Skulls Face Mask
Skulls Face Mask
Skulls Face Mask
Skulls Face Mask
Skulls Face Mask

Skulls Face Mask

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Skulls Face Mask. Renegade Showgirl face masks are handmade in an art studio from the hands of out of work artist and bartenders in Chicago. Our designs are embellished with our own unique style and one of a kind custom printed fabrics. The price reflects the quality and care that goes into each mask and is helping to keep out of work artist afloat. These are not quick turnover masks. We have developed a very fitted pattern to custom fit your face with different sizes based on your face shape. 

  • Original art work handmade on demand in Chicago.
  • Fulfillment and Shipping 5-14 days. 
  • Women owned and operated.
  • Flexible fitted nose bridge sewn into each mask with eye glass ant-fogging felt.
  • Adjustable soft ear loops made out of nylon.
  • Lanyard hooks on each ear loop creating a head strap to hang around your neck.
  • Contoured fitted two layer mask.
  • 3 Adult sizes and 2 Child sizes *SIZE CHART BELOW
  • Outer layer is knit, weave and blended cottons.
  • Inner layer is soft moisture wicking fabric of polyester and spandex to prevent your face from staying wet from saliva.
  • Filter Pockets including two KN95 filters.
  • Machine washable, but hand washing will prevent from fading over time.
  • All masks are sanitized before packaged and includes instructions. 

Size Chart & Ear Loop Lanyard Explanation: Measure from the tip of your nose to the beginning of your ear and multiple by 2 to get your final size from the sizes below. Lanyard hooks are on the end of each ear loop creating a head strap or to hang around your neck when not in use. Slide the adjustable ear loop beads to create a tighter fit around your face. 

  • Adult Small 10-12” Average oval shaped face.
  • Adult Medium 12-13” Fuller face with a longer nose.
  • Adult Large 14”  Larger face with a wider jawline.
  • Child Small/Medium 6-8" Average 7-11 year olds. 
  • Child Large 8-10"  Average 5-7 year olds.   

HOLIDAY DEADLINES: Face Masks & Jewelry to be delivered by Christmas

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Shipping Info

  • For full shipping options on all products please order Face masks and Jewelry on a separate order from Apparel, Neck Gators, Tote Bags and Fanny Packs.
  • Face Masks and Jewelry are created at our local art studio in Chicago.
  • Apparel and accessories are created and printed from our original art in our fulfillment center in Canada.
  • You can order all products together, but you will be limited to free standard shipping or express without local pick-up options on face masks and you cannot separately pick shipping options for each product.    
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