Pink Floral Face Mask
Pink Floral Face Mask
Pink Floral Face Mask
Pink Floral Face Mask

Pink Floral Face Mask

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Pink Floral Face Mask Face Mask. All our face masks are handmade in an art studio from the hands of entertainment industry and bartenders out of work in Chicago from Covid19. The price reflects the quality and care that goes into each mask and is helping to keep out of work artist afloat. These are not quick turnover masks; we have developed a very fitted pattern to custom fit your face with different sizes based on your face shape and embellished with our own unique style that is one of a kind.

The outer layer is knit, weave and blended cottons and the inside layer is a soft performance moisture wicking fabric made from a blend of Polyester and Spandex to prevent your face from staying wet from saliva and breathing. There is a pocket in each mask that you can add an additional filter when necessary. Included with each mask is 2- KN95 filter and how-to information with a pattern to cut additional filters from Hoover HEPA vacuum bags if N95 filters in your future are unavailable. 

Each mask has a flexible fitted nose bridge made with wire and felt, the felt helps prevent your glasses from fogging. All masks come with adjustable soft ear loops made out of nylon that can also be head straps. The loops have hooks at the end of each ear loop to create an additional strap around your head. If you wear just ear loops for extended period of time your ears will hurt. The strap extension takes the strain off your ears. 

Our masks are not medical grade masks. Cloth mask have a 50- 65% filtration quality alone with an added filters a 65-90% filter quality. Cloth masks alone do highly help to block saliva droplets from passing for person to person.  Cloth masks if worn properly and made well, will filter out about 50%- 90% of virus microns compared to surgical masks. This data is from research done by Cambridge Universities after H1N1.

All mask are hand-made on demand usually ships within 10 - 14 after ordering. Once we receive your order we will contact you with our shipping time line. You can email us with your urgent shipping needs if necessary. We use USPS or Fed X for priority shipping. All masks are sanitized before packaged and includes instructions. 


Size Explanation:

Adult Small – 10-12” measurement from the tip of your nose to the beginning of your ear. Average oval shaped face.

Adult Medium – 12-13”measurement from the tip of your nose to the beginning of your ear.Fuller, Rounder face structure or wider jawline with a bit of a longer nose

Adult Large – 14”measurement from the tip of your nose to the beginning of your ear.Much larger face and jawline.

 If you have any questions please email Angela Eve and her team at: